Wednesday, January 18, 2012

CyanogenMod and Android Debug Bridge

After many tries, I finally got CyanogenMod (7.2 PlayfulGod 20110913 using ClockWorkMod on my (old) Huawei Ascend using these instructions and the "600" CM ROM from these handy links. Note that you need to install both the CM ROM zip and the gapps zip. And you must be rooted and have ClockWorkMod installed first. It is certainly a huge improvement over stock. It's as fast as what you get by removing all the bloatware plus there are a ton of extra customization options that aren't in the regular Android release. I'm not going to go into all the details, but I will say that I found being familiar with Android Debug Bridge (adb) to be extremely helpful. Most (if not all) "mod" packages include both adb and fastboot. The adb tool can be used to put files on the phone, install applications (using the .apk file rather than from Market), and execute arbitrary commands on the phone using the shell functionality of adb. I found it educational to run the shell and poke around at the filesystem (ls and cd work).

For reference:

  • VOLUME UP + SEND/CALL + POWER: boots the Ascend into "recovery" mode
  • VOLUME DOWN + HANG UP + POWER: boots the Ascend into "fastboot" mode (only "Huawei" screen will display---remove battery to turn phone off)

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