Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to access USB debugging setting in Android 4.2.2

My Nexus 4 was upgraded to 4.2.2 last night. This morning, I decided to turn on USB debugging. But, I couldn't find it after searching all of the settings. Apparently, there is a good reason why: it's not there! In order to have "Developer options" added to the "Settings" menu, I had to "About phone" and touch "Build number" at the bottom seven times. After a few touches, I saw a countdown message (it was something like "3 more before you're a developer"). After "becoming a developer", I found "Developer options" 2nd-to-last in the "Settings" menu, right before "About phone".

After turning on "USB debugging", adb recognized my phone:

List of devices attached 
00839b0e89da57d7        offline
But, I can't use adb yet because of a new security feature in 4.2.2. Time to upgrade my developer kit...