Friday, December 9, 2011

Mapping Android Version Names to Numbers

I get confused about what Android release names map to what Android release versions. So, I created this post. I got the list of names from this post. I got some of the numbers from Google search; the last two are the obvious guesses. As you might expect, you can also find this information on Wikipedia

  • 1.5: Cupcake
  • 1.6: Donut
  • 2.0/2.1: Eclair
  • 2.2: FroYo
  • 2.3: Gingerbread
  • 3.x: Honeycomb
  • 4.x: Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 5.x: Jelly Bean (?)
  • 6.x: Key Lime Pie (?)

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